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How to make a wooden box frame / ladder frame

DIY Box frame BonzaQuote

A. Making a wooden box frame / ladder frame: It is really useful to know how to make a wooden box frame/ ladder frame for many building and DIY jobs.  Perhaps you want to raise the height of a portion of a room…


DIY: Tiling a Bathroom Wall

DIY Tiling of your bathroom

First step, as with a lot of DIY jobs, is to get out the measuring tape and pencil. You need to measure the width and height of the wall you are tiling and the size of the tile you are using so you…


3 Family DIY jobs (different things to do while they’re off school)

DIY jobs with the kids

Yes really…. You can mix home improvement and amusing your little darlings!  If you can go to the trouble of making (or even just eating!) pancakes on Shrove Tuesday then you’ll easily be able to complete these three family DIY jobs with your kids…


10 Step guide to building your dream flat-pack kitchen

Flat back dream kitchen DIY

A flat-pack kitchen can save you literally thousands and with the choice today that doesn’t mean scrimping on quality and finish.  There’s no doubt about it though, it is not a DIY job for the faint hearted… takes patience and commitment!  But I…


Skilled DIYer’s Toolbox

Skilled DIYer's toolbox

For those of you who are more confident DIYers, a well-equipped toolbox is essential to make sure you are ready for anything and can make the most of your experience. Here are the top tools for the more skilled DIYers to have in their…


Guide to Sanding a Wood Floor

wood floor

For the purposes of covering the basics of sanding a wood floor, I’m assuming that you’re using the three standard sanding machines to sand your wood floor: the big machine, the edger and the buffer. Bear in mind that hire machine are not dust-free. …


Putting in Drywall Around a Window

Drywall DIY Home Improvement

Part 1: Instructions for putting in Drywall So how to go about putting in Drywall, vital to many DIY projects? I have just had a new turn and tilt window installed. The new window is the same width as the old window I removed…


Top 5 tips on how to clean gutters and downpipes

How to clean Gutters

Top 5 tips on how to clean gutters 1. Twice a year you should try and clean gutters – in the spring and fall seasons of the year. 2. Wait until you have had at least two days of dry weather as the debris…


Choose the right kind of DIY Decking with BonzaQuote & the Brooks Group

Decking DIY BonzaQuote

Its spring, there’s a stretch in the evenings and everyone is beginning to think about being outdoors more – so we have republished below an excellent article on choosing the right type of DIY Decking for your home improvement project from our partner The Brooks…


10 step guide to installing a semi-wood floor or an engineered floor

1    Semi-wood floor or engineered floor preparation – Moisture testing and wood acclimation. Solid wood flooring requires that you acclimate the flooring to the environment in which it’s going to be used. With an engineered floor or a semi-wood floor, however, you…